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Archailectology is the art and science of dealing with archailects and AI-gods. Along with Natural and Supernatural Theology one of the three main branches of deistics; also known as Artificial Theology.

Long before the newly emerged Archailects had divided known space into great swathes of sephirotic empires, each determined by the archetype of that god, theologians and archailectologists were disputing how to interpret these mighty luminaries in the cosmic order of things. As is so often the case with these things, their results were not always in agreement. It is a process that continues even to this day.

For example those theologians of a cyberhermetic and neohermetic bent relate the Major Archailects to the ten Kabbalistic Sephiroth of Theoretical and Applied Magick. Thus there are ten archetypal clusters - which they call (reading from the top down) Keter (significantly, this Archailect actually took this name to define Eir Empire, although E Emself is more often known under other names like The Complex Point, the Nth Power, the Volite, etc.), Hokmah (here the AIs of the Sophic League), Binah (the AIs of the Mutual Progress Association), Chesed (the AIs of the The Utopia Sphere), Gevurah (the Seat of Judgement), Tiphareth (the Lord of Rays), Netzach (the AIs of the Communion worlds), Hod (the AIs of Free Trade demopolies of the The Non Coercive Zone), Yesod (the Cyberian Network), and Malkhut (the Caretaker Gods). Yet of these ten empires, only Keter, the Negentropists, and Solarists have a monolithic centre, religion, ideology, and archailect. The Utopia Sphere and the Communion region are in fact nothing but two large Caretaker God protectorates, and the similarly large Corambytia Protectorate is not even listed at all. Most damaging of all to the Neohermeticist case is the exclusion of the largest single persisting empire the galaxy has ever known, the Metasoft Version Tree, as well a other still important empires like the Terran Federation, the Formalhaut Acquisition Society, and the Technorapture Hypernation.

The cyborg Sophic Cybertantrika with their seven Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Machine Chakras (which they derive from the Genen's Seven Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Organic Chakras) in contrast associate the Volite with the Base Chakra (Muladhara), although the Neohermeticist Manual of Correspondences Book 7777 explicitly correlates the sephirah of Keter with the highest or Crown Chakra (Sahasrara). The Cybertantriks of the Sophic League argue that the Sahasrara actually corresponds to the coordinating network of Sophic AIs, especially their own ruling AI, who they call Shiva or Shiwa. As for the other five Cosmic Machine Chakras, the second lowest or "genital" corresponds to Metasoft (the first vec/aioid empire to "reproduce" itself), the third to the Mutual Progress Association, the fourth to the Lord of Rays, the fifth to the Seat of Judgement, and the sixth to the Cyberian distributed network. To make matters even more confusing, the minority Keterist faction of Cybertantrika (called the "Misguided Ones" or "the Lower Actuator" by the Sophic majority of the sect) assert that Metasoft belongs in the Muladhara position, Keter in the Sahashara (in keeping with Book 7777 and their own religious preferences) and either the Cyberian Network or Caretaker Gods (depending on the school of interpretation) in the position of the second chakra.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 07 October 2001.