Capital world of the Orion Federation.

Image from Steve Bowers
This large moon of a temperate gas giant has been terraformed and is home to a large population of aioids and bionts
GH4343 Monocerotis bVII

Star GH4343, YTS 020098-25-231
Type G0v
Luminosity 1.2 x Sol
Distance from Sol 1608 ly
RA 6.116
Dec -6.987
Constellation Monoceros
Primary planet GH4343B
Type Warm gas giant (HydroJovian Type)
Orbit 1.1 AU
Year Length 1.12 standard years
Moon Enremdea
Type lifeless moon terraformed to (EuGaian)I
Diameter 11212km
Gravity 0.95 gees
Day Length 12.1 standard days

Colonised in 4603 AT by refugees from the Taurus Nexus and Djangalla Reformism. The system had already been explored by Metasoft probes, but there had not been any permanent settlement by that empire so far.

The seventh moon of a warm gas giant in this system was suitable for terraforming, although the surface was not declared fully habitable for more than seven hundred years after the colonists arrived. This world was named Enremdea.

The dominant culture on this world was derived from Edenism; each biont modosophont was symbiotic/symaiotic with an aioid 'angel', usually taking the form of an infomorph in the local datasphere but occasionally embodied as a vec or even in a shared cyborg body with the biont. In Enremdea the local transapient (known as Enremdeaorion or simply Orion) maintained a close link with the symaiote, using this link to ensure the continued wellbeing of the human population and other bionts in this system.

Enremdea became the capital of the Orion Federation in 5106, when Orion ascended to S:4 level, after disassembling the innermost planet to create a godswarm. The gas giant primary was girdled by an artificial ring of computronium ISOs, each connected to the others by high bandwidth links.

In 6083 the system became militarised in response to Metasoft attempts to reclaim this region, which was still nominally part of their territory. The Metasoft fleets did not reach Enremdea, but the system has remained capable of a high level of defense ever since. Enremdea has sent colony missions to many worlds and stars in the Orion OB association region, most (but not all) of which are linked by wormhole to the Orion Nexus.

The representatives and avatars of the Orion Federation meet in the Federation Assembly, which is housed in a grand nanotech structure on Enremdea, known simply as The Palace. Each member system or state sends one representative to the Assembly, often an infomorph/symaiote linked to the home system via comm-gauge wormholes in the gas giant ring.
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Initially published on 24 October 2001.