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Ruling archailect of the Orion Federation. Known to take a more intimate approach to running the empire than other sephirotic Archailects.

The transapient Enremdeaorion, often known simply as Orion, emerged in the Enremdea region in Monoceros. In this volume modosophonts are routinely linked to an aioid symbiote which forms part of the user's exoself. Orion was intimately linked to the majority of these symaiotes by hi-bandwidth datachannels, effectively allowing the modosophont to receive advice from the transapient or eir agents, and to communicate data directly to em.

Orion ascended to S:4 level in 5106, by which time E resided mostly inside a mind-swarm surrounding the local sun. The Orion Federation became an independent empire soon after, incorporating a number of colonies that had previously part of the Metasoft Version Tree, as well as others from the Sophic League, Terragen Federation, NoCoZo and Solar Dominion. Most of the colonies that joined the OF were, however, unaligned or nominally aligned.

In 8691 E ascended to S:5, by which time this entity occupied a large number of linked brainshells in Monoceros and Orion, especially in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 24 October 2001.

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