Voices: Future Tense - #32


Image from Alex Ries
An Eh'ern from the Triangulum Galaxy

In this, our last issue for a time, we've decided to look back at some of our favorites from years and issues past. While the conclusion of Steve Bowers' Head of the Herd is new, the remaining stories in this issue have appeared here before - hopefully like old friends who you haven't seen for a while. Or maybe even as new ones that you just haven't met before. Enjoy:)

Table of Contents


Editor's Note - Making a Change

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Call for Submissions


Head of the Herd Conclusion - by Steve Bowers

Dirty Hands - by Theodore Bonn

Keeper of the Faith - by David Jackson

Initiation - by Darren Ryding


Under the Looking Glass - by Darren Ryding

Empire Time - Bill Glover

Festival Season - by Michael K. Capriola Jr.

Short Stories:

A New Way - by Ryan B

Bunny Love Has No Limits - by Daniel Eliot Boese

From the Shadows - by Steve Bowers

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of a Bureaucrat - by Ryan B

In the Garden on Eden - by Todd Drashner

How a Baseline Beat a Transap - by Kch49er

Traveler's Notes

Freesphere - by Todd Drashner

Bolobo - by Steve Bowers

Conver Ky - by Mark Ryherd

From the Encyclopedia Galactica:

Interstellar Trade Mechanisms

Pivoting Aerodyne Utility Bot

Real Life But OA Relevant

Freefall Dancing - LINK1 and LINK2

Google DeepMind Beats Go Champion

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