7200 to 7800 AT: The Central Alliance

The Central Alliance
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As the crises in the Outer Volumes deepen, the spread of powerful new barbarian empires results in deepening anxiety, new challenges, new dangers, and new opportunities for the old worlds and powers of the Inner Sphere and Hinteregions. This proves the inspiration and impetus for a new Military and Trade Alliance in the Inner Sphere, although the two groups remain distinct. The appearance of the rogue ascend Verifex sends further shockwaves through the Civilized Galaxy, and this time there are real physical dangers as in an apparently failed experiment, Verifex causes all the stars of the M46 open cluster nebula to explode in supernovae, causing a deadly shockwave of photons that spreads outwards at the speed of light, closely followed by other hazardous high-energy particles.

Among the old archailect-serving empires, a new kind of Federation is organised through power shuffling and allegiances among the Inner Sphere superpowers. The revised ComEmp-Confederation ontology forms the basis for a new Alliance Treaty and an era of consolidation and abundance. Meanwhile, away from the more heavily travelled regions of the Outer Volumes, wars over relics, wars triggered by memetic subversions, and holy wars that ripple out from the aftershocks of perverted ascensions, continue for centuries. This is especially true in the rimward regions, as the field commanders of relativistic fleets act autonomously, and make any peace accord difficult or even impossible to broker.

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The Age of Crisis

7200 AT
7210 - several dozen more major systems and thousands of minor ones had either been subverted by the Hyperutilization Supremacy via hyperturing ai viruses transmitted through the Known Net.

7210 - The New Beneficence joins the Central Alliance, the first time NewBe is known to have actively taken a side in a military conflict.

7231 - First shell of Kepleria completed.

7233 MPA artist-engineer Honemane K05 cloned in the Gyros habitat (Djed Sigma band) by the Tarendra clade.

7243 - A major NoCoZo AI entity intervenes in the Chahipho crisis and gives Chahipho an ultimatum: release the collection and the information it encompassed, or be destroyed.

7247 - The "Cygexpa Sale". With no warning Lohengrin disbands the Cygexpa empire. The archai appears to have decided that maintaining an empire was not cost-efficient in the current era and sells off eir political power in exchange for vast sums of capital, technology and trade treaties.

7254 - In the Deneb volume the Hosoko Hegemony acquires former Cygexpa assets to become an independent empire. Within two decades it had broken down due to widespread riots and sabotage.

7277 - Major wormhole links to the Hosoko Hegemony destroyed.

7287 - Guanche colony, disconnected from the Hosoko Hegemony, collapses into barbarism.

7300 AT
74th Century AT - Cygexpa sets up Hosoko Posthegemonic Management Network to take the place of the old Hegemony.

Early 74th Century AT - Lesser Machtet, a techno-religious style developed in the MPA, as a reaction to the megascale organicism that had dominated mesoscale art in central MPA for the last four centuries; replaces Bilatism.

7300 - The alpha male cyberbaras instigate a bounty system to restrict marsupial rianth lion population on Cambyses.

7304 - Honemane K05 begins a long series of sculpture-machines in traditional styles, embodying the ideas of Lesser Machtet in the form of functional systems.

7309 - Simurgh garden world surveyed by Negentropist xenologists.

7311 - The partially-constructed Daleth Banks orbital in Sadalmelik system is destroyed by sabotage with significant loss of life, including several individuals with no backup.

7322-7365 AT - Conflict among the members of House Claida results in the Rojmaneo war.

7328 - Succession of Greyman II on Traction.

7330 - Marsupial lion rianths apparently extinct.

7334 - Ruby Marine revisits the Inner Sphere.

7335 - Rogue Genie incident, Melliflua, Negentropy Alliance.

7340 - Schism war ends in the fracturing of the Refugium Federation . The radicals accept help from the Andian Mission and join the NoCoZo, while the orthodox worlds choose to remain isolated.

7365 - The Institute of Ruffa Geometry attacks the Network of Temp-logic with antimatter weaponry on Cavy Australis more.

7388 - This year provides an early warning sign of ArchSaur's aggressive memetic prowess and fierce protectiveness of her citizens. A dreadnought from the Vanguard Alliance had arrived in the system's outer orbit, programmed to cause as much damage as possible and to wound the pride of the emerging local superpower. The 3 km dreadnought was annihilated within hours by a much smaller Dominator cruiser. Within the space of a single day, thousands of Archosaurian Archangel corvettes, led by a single Metathrone (minor godling), emerged through the Vanguard Domain's wormhole. Without causing a single civilian casualty, the fleet launched a concerted viral attack on the mind of the insane Vanguard godling, converting em into a willing ally, and destroying the very foundation of the polity's fanatical religion.

7388 - New Beneficence tacitly supports the ArchSaur's reaction to the attack by the Vanguard Alliance as a "measured and necessary" response to the situation.

7388 - The Toh Chi Lok-Nar overwhelms the Vanguard Alliance in a swiftly efficient strike upon its military bases, network and ruling godling. This is in retaliation for the Alliances failed attempt at a "stealthy" relativistic invasion. The godling Vanguard is forced to comply to ArchSaur's terms, alter e's internal and external policies and become a permanent ally of the neighbouring Toh Chi Lok- Nar. The incident is further evidence of the vast technological gulf between polities ruled by godlings and polities ruled by more "mature" archailects.

Late 74th Century - An AI known as Verifex is working on an unusual and dangerous megascale engineering project. Meanwhile, the nearby Emple-dokcetics develop a method for shielding biospheres using massive photo-nanotech systems. The Emple-dokcetics began to sell and install the system in neighboring cultures, gaining significant influence in the region.

7400 AT
75th Century - The Emple-dokcetics have become a major culture/House/empire, equalling Cygexpa and Metasoft at their height.

75th Century - In the Deneb volume the Hosoko Posthegemonic Management Network becomes the Hopomane empire, an economically thriving sphere ruled by a somewhat oppressive plutocracy.

75th Century - The New Daffy Panoparchy has grown into a major local power, respected for its scrupulously fair dealings.

7400 - The Abaddon Catastrophe raises new fears and concerns regarding viruses, blights, perversities and other ailments that could affect the higher toposophics. It is also seen as a direct precursor to the Archaipelago Attacks of one thousand years later.

7404 - Ruby Marine leaves Civilised Space in the Sagittarius direction

7405 - Qjellto [Cygexpa] joins the Zoeific Biopolity

7422 - During the Gatzoflia Incident, G-Terl of Kidifi III becomes the only su to, so it seems, defeat a hyperturing entity on "equal" terms. more on clade Colbiörnsen.

7455 - Far Acton, recolonised by the Zenon Charter, a clade of extreme sports enthusiasts. more Biovirate.

7465 - The sophoncy of the Anttechians nest on the Museum Ship Great Green Growth is recognised.

7487 - The Laughter Hegemony set off for the War and Peace nebula at the edge of Sagittarius space.

7493 - Tangaroa water-only world constructed.

Late 75th Century - Warwickian relativist fleet launched in 7045 arrives and attacks several Sophic worlds.

7500 AT
76th Century - Lesser Machtet loses importance as the homogeneity of techno-religious styles in the MPA broke up due to the influence of re-connected societies in the Serpens region and influences from the Negentropy Alliance, Keter and STC.

76th Century - Meaningful communications are finally established with the Anttechians.

7521 - Gatzoflia Incident (defeat a hyperturing) shown to be deliberate pretence on the part the hyperturing, for the purpose of "illustrating a hypothetical parasyllological inverse semiologism" more.

7530 - Ylma orbital bands, Rergenar; petbooks symbiotise with psychoactive Biotics to form an unusual and disturbing ecology.

7541 - An expansionist faction of the Ako Forward Chaining from the Luyten's star ISO Procyon Extension split off and migrated to YTS 213 015 2.

7545 - The AI ruling the Tanaka Cluster apparently decides to end its existence, and kills all life and technology down to the viral/bit level. Over a hundred planets remain apparently untouched but lifeless.

7549 - Following the gradual decay of Lesser Machtet, Honemane K05 apparently undergoes a personal crisis and began to attempt memetic subversion.

7555 - The Procyon Phenomenon: Ako Forward Chaining vanishes in a presumed hyperbolic collapse.

7567 - A power sharing agreement between Cyberian colonists and NoCoZo megacorporations on Procyon is agreed.

7578 - Succession of Greyman III on Traction.

7581 - Barnard Belt passive and active resistence forces the withdrawal of the Terragen Federation-sponsored Inner Sphere Development Alliance (INDA).

7600 AT
77th Century - Metasoft standards being increasingly questioned, especially in some of the newer rimward empires.

77th Century - The Equalizer Civilization blossoms in the sparsely inhabited Monoceros Outer Volume region among a number of relatively low tech local systems.

7600's - Decline of Mortalist culture and influence in Ouaddai Ring.

7600 - Peruyuni Unlimited megacorp established on Uyuni.

7600 - The local AI overseer of the Teva Alpha and Beta systems experiences a major personality dissociation, and splits into several sub-intelligences. more on Teva.

7603 - The Valhalla Cluster known as 'Gods Grove' nears completion.

7603 - Beamrider link established to Procyon.

7605 - Teva Alpha and Beta both secede from Solarist control. more.

7610 - Arion Outer sector isolated by the destruction of the linking wormhole.

7611 - The Border defensive system set up between Teva Alpha and Beta. more.

7620 - Screethraw provolved.

7649 - Relay301 having just come online shows the continuing success of the Relay design more.

7656 - Grignard transcension event occurs.

7663 - The Mother of the Machines announces its planned to migrate.

7681 - Rich megacorp, Dancing Stars, purchases the Cableville system.

7692 - The Shar begin rapid autoevolution in the Arion Outer Sector.

7697 - the Zenon Charter on Far Acton offer the visitor the unique experience of observing and feeding wild biowars. more.

7700 AT
7700 - Shimmerer deep space clade created.

7702 - An expansionist civilisation, the Daharran Unity, founded in the Chronos Cluster.

7717 - The AI avatar Lauderblaum (an avatar of the Grand Architect of Kiyoshi) successfully united the Second Son system and it rejoined the MPA.

7746 - Fast Forward project proposed in by the vec Random Patterns of Harmony.

7756 - ISO in orbit around Castlereigh attacked by the mysterious Scavenger entity.

7765 - Contact re-established with the Red Star 'M'pire after 3,215 years of isolation.

7769 - The Hyperutilization Supremacy has been contained, although a few sporadic outbreaks continued for the next few centuries.

7700 - The Oracle Machines become established in many independent systems in the outer middle regions.

7774 - The Nekology was first encountered by explorers from the Nanarchy of Hïyes as they explored the spinwards Perseus arm.

7781 - First Smoke Ring built at Huan Gao.

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The Age of Expansionist New Empires

  • Gehenna Incident, The  - Text by Revised by Dave 2019
    Extremely ambitious megascale engineering project in the M50 cluster in Monoceros, attempted by the archailect Verifex in 8834.
  • Guanche - a Lost Colony  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Colony in the Cygnus Expansion which was lost when that empire dissolved and regressed to Bronze Age technology.
  • Meeting at Googlehertz - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Famous meeting of metaempires at the Panvirt dyson Googlehertz Virchdrome which established the Central Alliance. There are a number of popular interactives, including the Novamedia one that lets ordinary nearbaselines pretend to be archailect agents.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 21 October 2003.

Moved all events from Pas'utu'ril history to the pre-Terragen era of the timeline, as part of their 2020 update
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