7800 to 9999 AT: Age of Expansionist New Empires

Urchin Star
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Over and above the usual changing fashions and Central Alliance shifts in its member empires and power structures, the old order that characterised the galaxy for almost five millennia is being challenged by new power players. In the Hinteregions and the Outer Volumes, the new empires like the peaceful Empledokcetics (who benefit from the Verifex situation by selling radiation shielding of unique transapientech design) or the expansionist Archosaurian Empire exceed much that has come before, approaching even the strongest of the Inner Sphere empires. While the Daharran Advance, Laughter Hegemony and some other threats have been stopped, no one knows what to do about these other new powers. In the Hinteregions, new Federations emerge, the Orion Federation being among the most important, and starts making inroads in both the Inner Sphere and along the Periphery. The Amalgamation appeared and became a major threat, and led to the formation of the Perseus Arm Defense Organisation along the Perseus Outer Sector; the Paradigm seems to be expanding as well.

While many pray to the Archailects, look to even older gods and ideologies, there are those who turn to new apocalyptic cults for answers. The number of transcends seems to be increasing everywhere as well, though the figures supporting this are unreliable and open to varying interpretations. The situation might be more stable were the Sephirotics themselves able to work in harmony, but they seem to be going their own ways. Or is it just the superbright and lower transapient empires that worship them that are acting that way? Seven to eight thousand years after Terragen civilization first ventured into space from Old Earth, the situation is looking tense.

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The Central Alliance

Age of Separate Empires
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7800 AT
7800's - The Equalizer Civilization becomes an expansionist nanarchic empire.

7800's - The Pure Soul Reformation is founded when the Tenets of Reform are pronounced by its founder, Starwind 2743 in the Safehaven system.

7804 - Rather than stand trial Honemane K05 chooses to deactivate the antimatter containment and vanished in a cloud of ambiplasma.

7828 - Succession of Greyman IV on Traction.

7830 - Birth of Izvekov Jablunkaa, Edenite political scientist, specialized on bioid-aioid politics.

7833 - Coup by the Requiemists against the until then ruling Spranger Party leads to Rajasekar joining the Mutual Progress Association.

7840 - The Bazaar Project, an expensive undertaking by some of the outer systems of NoCoZo to attract business and gain a foothold in the diffuse outer volumes. They appear to be influenced by the ideologies of the fairly young AI of Mutual Satisfaction.

7852 - The first alien biogeocomputing system was discovered at Steelcliff, an isolated world towards galactic anti-spinward in what is now the Negentropy Alliance Outer Volumes.

7852 - Dancing Stars (an organisation of S2 transapients) begins to sell their planets to the rest of the NoCoZo. - more.

7854 - Discovery of the alien Muuh by a Cygexpa probe.

7870 - Now completed, the three topopoli of Cableville become a sovereign polity. The happens when the members of Dancing Stars officially disassociate emselves from the NoCoZo. Ey merged eir minds into a collective consciousness and undergo ascension to the third singularity, using the computronium purchased earlier and also subsuming all sentients above sapient level into the system. Ultrafun Playling is born, and in the form of a transapientech ISO overseeing the culture e had made on Cableville.

7879 - The line-layer vessel appeared at the Wormhole Nexus to connect with Relief.

7900 AT
7900's - The New Daffy Panoparchy in decline through internal ossification and loss of earlier democracy.

7900's - Collapse of the Equalizer Civilization, after its having wiped out most humans in the volume.

7909 - Silicon generation colony on Mossotti founded.

7909 - Mollweide colonised.

7911 - Mossotti crisis resulting from accidental desecration of Occhialini graves defused by a multi-clade diplomatic team sent by Eden Consensus.

7911 - Toney Makaroney Alrami Media star is born.

7920 - Around 50 million uploaded NeoOrthodoxists representing some 2000 different cultures leave the Utochishte system in the Dreaming Void iceship.

7937 - Outer Volumes system YTS 2974 74001448 in Norma the Negentropist colonists were accommodated in Hammurabi, a 20 km cylindrical habitat.

7953 - The home world of the Jade Chime Singers, Chorus, is discovered by Faber/ Tavi exploration teams on the periphery of the sphere of Terragen expansion.

7981 - Kammerer first discovered by AlephBenedita Bluesky.

7981 - Verifex attempts to use replicating godtech to fuse several stars in the M46 nebula into a superstructure of unknown function. But it fails and the stars explode in supernovae. Verifex apparently escapes, and is rumored to remain in the remnants of the cluster; it is these days usually called Lucifer and the cluster the Gehenna cluster. As the surrounding space is densely inhabited by various independent cultures, the radiation blast threatens the existence of trillions of beings.

7985 - The Kuranaba system in the Sophic League is infected by a Hyperutilization Supremacy agent.

7987 - The population of Hammurabi consists of eighty thousand nearbaseline humans and a similar number of drone automata.

7988 - Pelion and Ossa colonised.

7988 - An inactive probe of human origin is recovered by a singleship pilot Luci Ginoie and is taken back to Hammurabi.

7999 - Second shell of Kepleria completed.

8000 AT
8000's - Internal tensions developing in the Sagittarius Cooperation. It is suggested it might either develop into a real federation or dissolve into civil war. So far, neither looks like happening.

8000's - The R'Foxxans opt for AI protection and patronage.

8006 - Mediafed scandal concerning subliminal meme implanting on the long running MPA comedy virtual show "Tips and Suggestions" is the low point of Toney Makaroney Alrami's virchstudio career.

8008 - Toney Makaroney Alrami retires at the age of 97.

8021- Toney Alramiis persuaded to come out of retirement in by a series of "Pasta Twins" reruns.

8021-35 - Toney Makaroney Alrami appears in a number of netcast variety and comedy shows, but it is as the captain in the small budget Dark Quester space opera he finds an echo of his former success.

8026 onwards - Emple-dokcetic shielding adopted as standard in the regions surrounding the Gehenna supernova cluster. Their prestige grows as their shields prove resilient to the radiation blast.

8030 - A number of Red Star 'M'pire lums at "The Grove," having "cleansed" themselves (removed or replaced) whatever drytech augments they still had, launch from Maximum Air in a small fleet of bioships and traveling Dyson trees (see The Silk God).

8035 - Using the credit from Dark Quester, Toney 'Makaroney' Alrami retires again, dabbling in amateur painting and sculpting on the shores of Cheepnis Island in the Frunobulax ring ocean.

8048 - The Durrell inheritors leave Varnerkaspi for the Galactic core.

8050 - Arion Ascendancy has become a thriving relativistic empire.

8067 - Several Shar nodes in the Arion Ascendancy ascend to SI:2.

8070-8500 - Thousands of survey ships, colony ships and system control vessels built and launched from Arion Ascendancy systems.

late 81st century - A group of Pan-Sophontists in the Zoeific Biopolity begin work on the Envomes, a project to provolve an entire ecosystem into a single sophont entity.

8078 - Succession of Greyman V on Traction.

8095 - A large number of Faber reprogroups and Tavi mobs form a combine to settle the Hoolan system, which was then on the periphery of Terragen expansion. They form one of their standard lease/development contracts with Kedric, an SI:3 entity who had recently claimed the area. The colonists hoped to use the Hoolan system as a springboard for future exploration and development during the 300 year term of their lease.

8100 AT
8100 - Swallowflight suffers a nanotech disaster, leading to the establishment of the Vela Immunity.

8100's - Literally thousands of Dyson shells, Banks orbitals, weylforges, ringworlds made from material made and processed at Himmelsschmiede.

8100's - The Hip 99265/Newhope system becomes a loose confederation - the Newhope Union - which ushers in a short-lived but exciting cultural renaissance.

8103 - The Silicon Generation monitoring station at 40 AU distant from Aardwolf receives a permission to approach signal from the system.

8120 - Ultrafun obtains a weylforge from Heavenly Reach and opens a wormhole to the nearby red dwarf/neutron star pair MXRDR55 (see Cableville).

8128 - The Luke Monastery Raid in Hyttinen (NoCoZo) the SCLArmy.

8145 - Lums ship dropped out of the booster beam (see The Silk God).

8150 - The last nodes loyal to the Hyperutilization Supremacy are cleared.

8151 - Lums in orbit around their new sun (see The Silk God).

8153 - The Alchemists seed in orbit around Moiré III, a red-dwarf star in the Triangulum Australe sector. The god-seed, named "Sol Niger", is a biotechnological master piece - a densely packed piece of tumor-derived molecular circuitry - was the result of nearly a century of research and development on the Alchemist's part, kept completely under wraps from everyone else.

8154 - The Vela Immunity joins the Negentropy Alliance as an autonomous subvolume.

8155 - Transcend Seven system founded.

8162 - 80Star Wormhole Authority's expensive explorer linelayer probe reaches the Oceanus Ultimata system.

8179 - Verifex's radiation blast from the Gehenna cluster now a 200 light year radius. Those nearby cultures that had purchased Emple-dokcetics nano-shields survive with only minimal loss of life. Other nearby colonies that did not possess or buy the tech are decimated or only manage to survive through their own less efficient shielding devices.

8197 - The Kedric Incident - the SI:3 entity Kedric forcibly rounds up the entire population of the Hoolan system, destroys their arcologies and orbital habitats, and gengineers the shocked and terrified colonists into a huge biological/mechanical complex that e had created on the second planet of the system.

8200 AT
8200's - The Newhope Union (Hip 99265/Newhope) a successful trade economy with the rest of the universe via several relativistic traders.

8219 - The SI:0.6-2.8 Transavant, "Eddiam the Brain" (Kiyoshi, MPA) in an augmentation boost to enhance his previous spike range, is "spiked" in 2 areas of knowledge and ability was able to contain all his mind in less than 20 cubic centimeters of computronium, while uplinked via a slaved TU:3.2 nanoborg Version Tree router.

8234 - Birth of the Cymbium provolve artist and playwright Twobrowntrianglesonshellmargin the Elder.

8239 - Founding of the Cyberian cyborg Hyperturing Freedom Association (HFA), a liberation action group dedicated to freeing slaved hyperturings.

8287 - Work begins on the Impossible Dyson sphere at 18 Scorpii.

8300 AT
8310 - Purity ship reaches Shimmerer space.

8327 - The postbiont Merewr begins work on The Lightstorm.

8327 - A routine stellar survey program detects Conway's World, flagged "interesting" by the project's overseeing AI and left for future expeditions to follow up on.

8328 - Succession of Greyman VI on Traction.

8359 - Greater Superchimp colony Nike (Nekay) at 1.5 ly distance from Bolobo is a stepping stone to a colonial push via the Wormhole Nexus to the Centaurus Vector.

8381 - Zerzavec Commune ship reaches Ishtar's Necklace.

8385 - The Anandayanna-Uvartarasha War liberates Kuranaba [Sophic League] from the Hyperutilization subverted clade of the Uvartarasha.

8391 - Molatov Skulwak born Jeremanioh Jevesah.

8400 AT
85th century - Absorbing the asteroids and radiation from the nearby star, Sol Niger has grown into a mega-scale processing structure, a gigantic wetware processing node as big as a small moon. [see Alchemists].

8400's - Archaipelago Attacks of 8400 AT (depicted in the novelette "Under the Looking Glass") The Archaipelago Attacks strike at least three systems with the space of a few days. They begin with the destruction of the starliner Etherwhale in the Tiralfia system, and climax with the simultaneous tragedies in the Rainbow Coalescence and the Toh Chi Lok-Nar. Certain similarities to the Abaddon Catastophe of exactly 1000 years earlier on Focal Point are obviously no coincidence. Indeed, due to this and other details, the Attacks are clearly the result of centuries - even millennia - of planning. The events have a profound effect upon the outlook and foreign policy of the formerly congenial Toh Chi Lok-Nar.

8400's - The various Sephirotic powers, and others like New Beneficence, decry the Archaipelago Attacks.

8400 - The Crystal Star Domain is re-established near the Rosette Nebula, 4500 ly from Sol.

8412 - The SI:2 hyperturing Seroz 12 (Radwin-Ho Orbital Band, Dorminy Iv, NoCoZo), creates the antihero low grade adventure sim interactive and 3d bAdmod "to amuse my humans".

8426 - MPA regional hypereconomic recession (rimward Inner Sphere).

8450 - Purity war commences (Shimmerer space).

8450's - UrchinStar is instrumental in boosting the region's communication and security following the Archaipelago Attacks.

8463 - First Standard universal Hazard Rating system compiled on Ken Ferjik.

late 8400's - Emergence of the Immanentization Crusaders, apparently as an outgrowth of earlier evolution accelerator fractions within Keterist society.

8500 AT
8500 - The relativistic Sagittarius Preservers begin to spread out in the general direction of the Sagittarius Arm.

8502 - The first Challenge, a 5-day annual modosophont biont adventure stage race is held in the Evermore habitat complex.

8510 - The Ebony Xerocracy settles a lone brown dwarf, Poly Ethylene.

8515 - Amboseli, ungulate world, established.

8520 - The Crystal Star Domain re-opens wormhole contact with the Orion Federation.

8544 - Tangaroa artificial waterworld completed.

8563 - Research probe reaches Conway's World.

8564 - Arion Ascendancy system linked to Wormhole Nexus.

8578 - Succession of Greyman VII on Traction.

8580 - Succession of Greyman VIII on Traction.

8600 AT
8601 - Freedom of movement into and out of the virtual worlds of the Efficiency Maximisation Paradigm granted by the Paradigm Council.

8611 - Sol Niger finally emerges into sophonce [see Alchemists].

8614 - A Solar Dominion exploration swarm discovers Hiederia.

8620 - The Sectarian War begins among the Mystery Cult (Oracle War).

8630 - Ridley Ridley born in New Old New York, Metropolis.

8651 - Ridley Ridley begins his omniphage career by eating his own (non active) clone in a single meal.

8600 - Earth starts to enter a new Ice Age, since the effects of Anthropogenic Global Warming are no longer felt.

8666 - Convocation vampires attack Agavenny in the Dark (Cableville).

8677 - Their proud Faber "parents" make the provolved Jade Chime Singers known to the outside worlds, and introduce them to civilized society. They become a several years wonder on the Known Net, and make a powerful impression.

8684 - Ridley Ridley eats a robocar in the 10684th Urban Cloudscapes Eating Chompionships.

8691 Enremdea ascended to S:5, by which time this entity occupied a large number of linked brainshells in Monoceros and Orion, especially in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex.

8691 - In competition with his long time rival Adriani Gloyt Ridley Ridley eats a finely ground light aircraft.

8693 - Human and dolphin refuges from the Gerkletoss rebellion/transcendence arrive in the system and begin to terraform Skiiws'nnii and exploit the resources of the system.

8697 - Henon colonised.

8700 AT
8700 - The Sectarian War escalates, Hellbores and Boostbombs used Oracle War.

8700 and 8702 - Ridley and Gloyt compete in eating a vacuum maglev train.

8721 - Baryos discovered. An artificial planet inside a 'neutrino star'.

8725 - Ridley and Gloyt both agree to attempt the greatest eating challenge ever undertaken by a humanoid entity- the digestion of a small decommissioned amat-fusion hybrid starship each. Two scrap Laylaron vessels were purchased by the sponsors, Eupepsys Antacid, and the two omniphages set to work, beginning with the million tonne ice shields.

8734 - Clade 45039587 (Solipsist designation) or the Went (popular designation in the Sephirotics) is the center of a diplomatic clash between the Solipsist Panvirtuality and the Metasoft Version Tree.

8738 - The communal cyborg entity Jean Te Uahlg formulates its aesthetic theory.

8744 - The Solar Dominion arrives at Oshiq.

8746 - Arrival of the linelayer Borde's Glory XXIV at Hiederia. It is found that the system's jovian had been colonised by a high level postneumann civilization.

8750 - The Amalgamation discovered by an expedition from Muzzio Astrogation in the vicinity of they Basel 10 cluster in the Perseus Arm.

8750 - A schism develops in the Skiiws'nnii system between those who wish to continue terraforming and others who would rather remain in space.

8750 - For only the second time in history, The New Beneficence takes sides, eventually joining PADO and its efforts to contain the Amalgamation .

8777 - Locus restrricts membership of micronations to modosophonts.

8799 - Initial Amalgamation advance halted.

8800 AT
89th Century - The Jean Te Uahlg Aestheticism becomes an intellectual fashion on Wrangham and the neighboring planets of the the Pismis 4 cluster.

89th century - A lucrative trade and cultural exchange deals established between the Solar Dominion and the SI:2 Mydonian postneumanns at Hiederia.

8802 - The Wishing Box, a powerful Clarketech device, discovered at an undisclosed location.

8810 - The Orbital Exploration Bundle (OEB), a conglomerate of orbital projects, corporations and other organisations gains tremendous influence in Skiiws'nnii.

8814 - Reflection war commences (Shimmerer space).

8822 - Remagar,an ice age world, colonised.

8830 - Succession of Greyman IX on Traction.

8833-8834 - Immanentization Crusaders use a fleet of relativist warships to destroy the Uravas Persona (a keterist cluster dominated by a single, fairly expansive collective mind) and its subroutine allies.

8840 - Crystalline Murders, mass Frankenstein Syndrome.

8862 - The Deeper Covenant reach the star system Socrates in the Outer Volumes.

8867 - The first interstellar mission is launched from Tsi'wadzj by the alien Pas'utu'ril.

8875 - The Ebony Xerocracy decides to make contact with the nearest inhabited system, and launches a light sail craft.

8890 - Third shell of Kepleria completed.

8890 - A faction of Absurdists launch a random attack on Medina, causing random damage. The Medinans retaliate by attacking the gas giant Khartoum.

8900 AT
8902 - The Menexenes, intelligent alien lifeforms found in the gas giant Menexenos in the Socrates system.

8905 - A team of programmers start to modify the Keterist datacology that later transcends to become Gaia Englebrech.

8925 - The Dominion system development vessel and linelayer Hoshanti reaches YTS 2145-098-3 (Outer Volumes - Sagittarius sector), which becomes part of the Surya-Ramydos Prefecture and is renamed Jilunan.

8939 - Jilunan was developed to a level that would be hospitable for biont life.

8939 - Fubas Clone Goo Event at Jilunan.

8942 - Wallid eh-Nah becomes fabulously wealthy and imports hi-tech hedonic gear into Sisyphos together with sport weapons and hobby equipment from the most depraved sectors of the NoCoZo. This leads to the Kobold civil war.

8944 - Galbydeia Torus completed; experimental space-time warp leading to a dead-end universe.

8945 - Northend polity fragments on Uyuni.

8954 - The Rudolph system becomes the property of the NoCoZo.

8954 - Clarketech device Dittocube first discovered in abandoned ahuman AI megastructure; a baseline friendly device, unlike many similar artefacts.

8963 - Cautious investigation of the Hoolan system by scouts of the Deeper Covenant shows no evidence of Kedric, of Kedric's instrument of torture, or of the unfortunate captives. Some speculate that this represents a belated enforcement of the Tragadi Accords. Others assert that Kedric destroyed or moved the project and is still at large somewhere else along the Periphery. The ultimate fate of Kedric's victims remains unknown.

8977 - Second attempt at terraforming Venus starts.

8981 - A multitude of Arion Ascendancy Godlings ascend to the fourth toposophic and establish the Overnodes.

8995 - A Menexene faction forms the Association-With-Greater-Civilization Guild to further contact with the Terragens.

8995 - Branton II colony disappears without trace (more).

9000 AT
9000's - Jean Te Uahlg Aestheticism develops new schools, some of which gain popularity among various Inner Sphere clades.

9002 - The secretive Solipsist Panvirtual cluster ak##~#~ arrives at Kappa Cassiopeiae.

9010 - Whisper xenoecology discovered.

9010 - Cygnus OB2-12 giant star granted to Panvirtuality developers.

9016 - The Impossible Dyson Sphere completed in the 18 Scorpii system.

9023-9445 First series of The Voyage of the Arcturus; 20,000 modules produced.

9050 - Galactic Colonisation Board moves to Cythera.

9050 - Reflective Balance Mutuality colony established in (Shimmerer space).

9054 - The Deeper Covenant establish an outpost on YTS 2109 321 9 Outer Volumes (Sagittarius sector), which they rename Gavit.

9054 - Alien ruins on Raksha explored.

9063 - Attack on Manifold from the Blue System.

9068 - Work on The Lightstorm completed.

9075 - The terraformed moonbrain of Velsin's Heart attacked by an Affine infection.

9080 - Succession of Greyman X on Traction.

9082 - Immanentization Crusaders destroy the wormholes linking the worlds of the Monopoly of Wert in the MPA, over 49 million sentients were killed.

9100 AT
9107 - The Sectarian War ends, the Timeloopists are defeated Oracle War.

9134 - Tipusa becomes the dominant religion in Mateke, Skiiws'nnii.

9146 - The nearbaseline Aazil Peworshin of the Zoeific Biopolity suggests that the Church-Turing Thesis be demonstrated by having near-baselines actually emulate the thought processes of an archailect. He is ridiculed, but intriguingly, a number of transapients of several toposophic levels, many from the TRHN, seem to express support for this goal. Within weeks, Aazil announces that he will be forming the Nearbaseline Archailect Femtosecond Emulation Project.

9147 - 12 billion nearbaselines have signed on to the Nearbaseline Archailect Femtosecond Emulation Project.

9150 AT (approximate date) - The ascension of the Sibyl, Leader of the Oracle Machines.more.

9150 - The transcended Gaia Engelbrech becomes guardian of the local cluster.

9173 - Evermore habitat complex completed.

9187 - Threat of the Amalgamation leads to the formation of the Perseus Arm Defense Organisation.

9192 - Il Casi Tranden's (Byron Habitat, Sophic League) Fog Wood wins the Solarian 'Noticed' award for unenlightened works containing potential, making the author an instant petillionare (peta 10e6 +3 x5).

9192 - Molatov Skulwak completes the virch play "Fleas Upon Fleas".

9196 - STC Relativistic ship arrives at Skiiws'nnii to begin formalising agreements and introducing basic technology. Establishment of OEC megacorp Expansion Industries for exotic matter creation and Stargate construction.

9197 - Tranden's predilection for drug abuse results in eir obsolescence after E took a spiked transcendence virus. The virus instead of enhancing eir intellect, regresses it to baseline levels. In the following months Tranden was scammed out of eir fortune by various S>1 sentients, including the rights to Fog Wood.

9198 - Tranden suicides at the release of the Virch interpretation, optimised for the baseline market in the NoCoZo, which turns this masterpiece into a pulp action comedy thriller. More.

9200 AT
early 93rd Century - The Daharran Unity isolates itself after the Advance Party had won a landslide election. Not much is heard from them for a century.

9200 - The relativistic Sagittarius Preservers start to connect some of their stars with purchased wormholes.

9200s - Mystery Cult missionary work begins in the MPA - Oracle War.

9200 - The Ebony Xerocracy build a moonbrain, leading to the emergence of the Coven and rejection of their former Hider status.

9201 - Clarketech augmentation devices found at NGC 6494; many have been discovered since in this region, of the type known as clarkekents which give the user a range of super powers.

9203 - Meistersinger fleet enters Terragen space. First Contact was made at the prospector outpost Dhexte-iv on the Cygexpa frontier, when they approached the star system to reprovision and make contact.

9206 - First "editing" (or possible ascension) of the Grove's optical network first "editing." of the Grove's (see The Silk God).

9210 - First encounter with the Xeon cyborg empire.

9218 - 50 meter macrogauge wormhole links Newhope to Dobsan (nearby MPA red dwarf), making Newhope a mecca for anti-ai (or pro-turing but anti hyperturing) humans and other bionts, and resulting in a flourishing tourist economy.

9220 - The Association-With-Greater-Civilization Guild leaves the Socrates system - Menexenes.

9225 - Xenoarchaologists discover the remains of the extinct Hyraian species in the Carina Rush.

9234 - Aron Tech absorbed by Trillicon Arms. A number of its templates, including the VX12, were hijacked by the ANPO and have since then been a part of the standard template package in all ANPO nanofabs.

9244/8 - Cytherea's Diadem, a short lived ring around Venus, is formed and dissipates.

9246 - Ridley and Gloyt finish the ice shields.

9251 - Molatov Skulwak publishes "Turtles All the Way Down".

9278 - Institute of Applied and Theoretical Memetics founded by the superbright academics Tyrel Genk and IsfuMajor90.

9279 - Relief (NoCoZo Volume) connected by line-layer vessel to the Wormhole Nexus.

9300 AT
9300 - Last known inhabitants leave Iota Persei.

9304 - The Enigma Cluster undergoes transaturation ascension; the abandoned worlds are a rich source of clarketech, but are surrounded by restriction swarms.

9330 - Succession of Greyman XI on Traction.

9340 - Wu-K'ung chosen as Primus of the Institute for Primate Provolution; development at Ao Lai, including formation of thousands of planets from its oort cloud; provolution projects accelerated.

9343 - Daharran Prime suddenly vanishes.

9345 - Molatov Skulwak finishes "Lady, What Fools These Mortals Be!"

9346 - Enigma Four was discovered in system nr. 354-4536-566 (Negentropy Alliance \ NoCoZo border) by a scout ship from a minor Deeper Covenant clade.

9368 - Dyglufsare discovered.

Late 94th Century AT - Investigations reveal that the Advance Party of the Daharran Unity had converted Daharran Prime into a black hole and were now seeking to do the same to the neighbouring star systems.

9400 AT
95th Century - The Daharran Advance expands throughout the Chronos Cluster, They BEGIN conquering all opposing fleets and systematically eradicating everyone and everything.

9400 - Exactly 1000 years after the Archaipelago Attacks, the archailect known as the Archosaurian Entity (aka ArchSaur or the Toh Chi Lok-Malar) breaches the fifth toposophic barrier, subverting all archailects, godlings and hyperturings within the Archaipelago Cluster, including a somewhat surprised UrchinStar . While other world guardians are raised to the fourth toposophic barrier in the process, and all have apparently retained their individuality, all have also become subroutines of the greater archailect that is ArchSaur. This is believed to be the result of centuries of planning, deception and manipulation, and was almost certainly triggered by the tragic blow to Archosaurian pride and security during the Archaipelago Attacks. Thus begins the rise of the Archosaurian Empire.

9400 - Groups affiliated with or representing the Negentropy Alliance, Utopia Sphere, and Sophic League, as well as the Communion of Worlds and New Beneficence protest the actions of the Archosaurian Entity in subverting eir neighbouring archailects, godlings, and hyperturings.

9420 - The Panvirt ISO Expanding Mind starts to forge an alliance against the Arion Ascendancy, the first step in a sequence of events leading to the Periphery War.

9437 - The Rainbow Bubbles are discovered by NoCoZo prospectors.

9439 - Fourth shell of Kepleria completed.

9445 - the Mayehode Crisis in Skiiws'nnii . Planetside Mayeche politicians attempt to assert power over the orbitals. The Mayeche attempt blackmail through spacer hostages and securely-built anti-orbit weapons.

9462 - Outer Carina volume - Long range survey observation shows evidence of a ring system around the star (later to be named Oceanus Ultimata) off the main exploration pathway axis along the alien wormhole.

9483 - The retired Dominion system development vessel and linelayer Hoshanti reaches Gavit - dual administration of system (with Deeper Covenant).

9487 - The Laughter Hegemony founded.

9481- With the sponsorship of several NoCoZo corporations, the Nearbaseline Archailect Femtosecond Emulation Project acquires two gas giants in the A2980213810qx system, around a red dwarf in the Middle Sphere which already have a microgauge wormhole link.

9485 - Normidic Machinophyle Supercluster begins sending out neumanns and linelayers along the sagittarius and towards the inner arm, in the hope of establishing new remote subnodes.

9498-9501 - Several archailects provide what they claimed were the algorithms used in their own thought processes for the Nearbaseline Archailect Femtosecond Emulation Project.

9500 AT
9500's - Nova Terra reinvigorated by investment from the Nova Media franchise of the Broad Band ISO.

9503 - A suitable candidate is handed to the participants of the Nearbaseline Archailect Femtosecond Emulation Project.

9505 - The death of the Teva Intelligence.

9526 - Pelion and Ossa collide.

9544 - The rules of ritual conflict on Silenus are changed to allow magmatter loops.

9544 - The negotiation ship Stig Ranes lost during failed talks with the aggressive cyborg clade the Xeon.

9547 - Julius Baen born in the Keter Dominion.

9550 - Over a ten year period the Grove launches a dozen gray sail seedships to three nearby but unused star systems to mark the 5,000th anniversary of the founding of the Red Star 'M'pire. (see The Silk God).

9580 - Beamrider relay to the Enigma Four system completed.

9580 - Succession of Greyman XII Traction.

9583 - Research outpost established to observe the Enigma Four Core.

9583 - The relativist warship Nargonn attacks the ice-core world Pluton in the Perseus Rift; this single act of aggression causes the long-concealed Muuh System of Response to reveal itself, and leads to the Epp Warr in the Perseus Sector.

9600 AT
9600 - The Teva Alpha wormhole is closed, isolating the system.

9600 - Cold-loving Ghauetti tweaks reach the Boomerang Nebula, coldest place in the Terragen Sphere.

9649 - Relay301 comes online, showing the success of the Relay design.

9653 - The Periphery Pact starts the Periphery War with the Arion Ascendancy.

9655 - Julius Baen modified from homo superior to vec; he later becomes famous as Aura Ghami.

9674 - John Xiang dies in an accident, but several of his scion copies are enhanced and become the famous Magellan Scions, explorers and journalists.

9685 - News of Meistersinger arrival reaches the Nexus.

9698 - Hundreds of advanced conversion drive ships containing Rainbow Bubbles arrive at the closest worlds to eir 'home' system, in the NoCoZo.

9700 AT
98th Century - Pismis 4 worlds united by Jean Te Uahlg Aestheticism but have not formed any political union.

9732 - Transcension of Molatov Skulwak.

9732 - Aura Ghami creates the Dandelion Swarm artwork.

9745 - Dissidents from Nimbus leave for the remote Yeyeos mountains on Escelon 3 in the Puppis Democracy, where they convert parts of the mountain range into utility foglets in order to take over the planet. When they are discovered a major nanotech war breaks out on the surface, devastating 33% of the biosphere before the defenders can wipe out the fog.

9746 - The Fast Forward project, a Solar Dominion experiment in the creation of a neutron matter based neogenic ecosystem, is proposed in by the vec Random Patterns of Harmony.

9751 - The terraformed moonbrain of Velsin suffers an Affine attack.

9752 - Ridley and Gloyt finish consuming the living quarters.

9800 AT
9802 - Second series of The Voyage of the Arcturus; 50,000 modules produced.

9817 - Failed coup attempt by the Ordinary faction on Elsirac Ring, Arkab Prior B.

9830 - Succession of Greyman XIII on Traction.

9844 - First Exocore Bordered Corpus formed by the group of eccentric breakaway Menexenes "Association-With-Greater-Civilization Guild" aided by the archailect Synergenesis.

9847 - A Sophic long range probeship, exploring along a line to anti-spinward and Rimward of the Periphery discovers the first Deepwood.

9853 - The Free Sophic corporation Mystic Tours opened a 75 meter gauge wormhole, the Kuranaba Gate, connecting Kuranaba [Sophic League] with the prosperous portal world of Big Tor.

9862 - Subsection of Metasoft in the Hyades region breaks loose due to copying-scanning interface issues.

9875 - Research outpost observing Enigma Four discovers, on the basis of numerous SI:1 simulations, that due to the rapidly increasing complexity of the Core, it would either suffer a Denebola Collapse or transcend sometime by the 10600s.

9880 - The Laughter Hegemony reach Pismis 24-1, and start to colonise the Periphery.

9897 - Fast Forward project begins using transapientech quark sculpting in at neutron star 8846AG-b (Solar Dominion).

9900 AT
9900's - Laughter Hegemony begins annexing nearby STC outposts.

9900's - New Beneficence is foremost among the many groups that protest against the annexations of the Laughter Hegemony. Some of the Sephirotics issue warnings against the Hegemony, but take no further action.

9900 - Synergenesis builds a fleet of craft allowing the Menexenes to colonise the rest of their system.

9900 - In the Red Star M'Pire, Farview attains the Fifth Toposophic.

9923 - The Sidene system, located in the Periphery, falls victim to a fleet of highly advanced ultratech warships. Arion Ascendancy.

late 9920's - First reports of Stanislaw reach the wormhole network.

9948 - Adice system is attacked by the same warships that destroyed the nearby Sidene system. Manages to send information to other systems.Arion Ascendancy.

9949 - The Epp War in the Perseus Sector reaches its height; a breakaway group of Soft Ones and Methanoid tweaks invade numerous partially developed systems, and are pursued by the forces of the Archailect Prince Vatsceh and by the Muuh system of Response.

9950 - In the Periphery War, the Periphery Pact has won over a hundred systems from the Arion Ascendancy.

9955 - The Periphery Pact attacks Neu Vela. More here.

9957 - Aura Ghami settles on Tranquility and creates eir home the Crystal Blossom.

9961 - Second "editing" (or possible ascension) of the Grove's optical network first "editing" of the Grove's. (See The Silk God).

9963 - Epiphany of 'Godtech' Messiah on Gatewai.

9966 - Mystery Cult enclaves have been established in Kepleria, the Rungworld (Jke's Ladder) and elsewhere in the MPA. Oracle War.

9980 - Crystal Star of the Crystal Star Domain, completes the first layer of the Rose God Star World Cluster.

9992 - The war in Jke's Ladder ends. Oracle War.

9998 - Fifth and last shell of Kepleria completed.

9998 - The end of the Epp War. A hard core of Methanoids and Epp sympathisers gather at the edge of the Pluton Volume and flee into Muuh space in their silver bubbles at relativistic speed, accelerating by an unknown million year-old technology towards the Cygnus arm. Epp War.

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The Current Era.

  • Anandayanna-Uvartarasha War  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Central Alliance period war fought between two factions (one subverted by the Hyperutilization Supremacy) for the control of Kuranaba.
  • Cellulose Bane and the Tapestry of Mold  - Text by TSSL, Banelord, Salty, Martine, Worldtree, & Schwefel Kamm
    8th millennium blight originating from xenoprovolves descended from the garden world Macrystis.
  • Chorbo Landali  - Text by James Rogers
    (7901 a.t - 7965 a.t) Baseline opera composer of unusual talent from Jalfagia.
  • Cytherea's Diadem  - Text by John M. Dollan
    Short-lived ring around Venus.
  • Fubas Clone Goo Event  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    A Dominion citizen who copied himself trillions of times to become an entire polity.
  • Luke Monastery Raid, The  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    In 10128 in Hyttinen (NoCoZo) the SCLArmy, a radical militant activist splinter group from the Sentient's Clone Liberation Association launched a terrorist raid on Luke Monastery, the local Church of the Original Sacrament monastery, killing several of the worshipers and priests (fortunately they all had Backups) and freeing the clones, who were then recortexised, had their intelligence boosted, and were then released.
  • Muora  - Text by Steve Bowers and Trolligi
    WR 111 - A supernova event.
  • PADO, the Perseus Arm Defence Organisation  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    A treaty organisation of all empires and systems involved in the struggle against the Amalgamation.
  • Pluton Volume, The (and the Epp War)  - Text by Steve Bowers and Rakuen
    Wealthy region in the Perseus Arm, with a large xenosophont population; site of the conflict between the Epp and their Methanoid allies, and the Perseus Princes (with the aid of the System of Response).
  • Refutology War - Text by Anders Sandberg
    A minor low-violence war between the Refutologists and Faillance 8496-8513, mainly fought among minor Inner Sphere worlds. The Faillance was a trade-prognosis cartel culture that had emerged during the fragmentation of the ComEmp. As a counter to its growing influence were the Refutologists, skeptics and analysts of competing trade cultures. Among a number of minor worlds their conflict escalated due to memetic manipulation into full-scale proxy war (on the major worlds local governments had no problems preventing such conflicts). The war led to the breakup of Faillance (and the few formal Refutologist cartels) due to economic sanctions; the resulting Faillantau either dissolved over time or became minor local government religions.
  • Went, The  - Text by Thorbørn Steen
    A hider clade at the centre of a major diplomatic event between the Panvirtuality and the Version Tree.
  • Xyloplax Incident, The  - Text by Steve Bowers
    A disastrous attempt to confine a rebel archailect within a virtual cosmos.
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